What is software development?

Our offer is based on a service which is basically customized software development. Our individual approach to clients helps us to successfully analyze any job related task, and in collaboration with our clients find a way to accomplish that same task more efficiently. Nowadays, computers and different software have become inevitable part of business environment.

Software development process description:

• Based on the needs of our client, we develop software solutions which later prove their efficiency by showing best business results, thanks to their customized individuality. Most important characteristics of such software are: narrow specialization, configurability, simple and intuitive interface and that they are very easy to use; finally, the software was made according to customer’s desire. For the first time in history, a new concept has been introduced – adapt the computer to user, not the other way around!

• Client has no obligations or risk whatsoever. Based on his needs, we will develop the first draft version completely free of charge! If the client is satisfied, then the arrangements regarding the product finalization can begin. Depending on complexity of the software itself, we can develop several draft versions in order to make the finalization process easier.

• After the finalization, we will provide you with support when it comes to choosing appropriate equipment, full technical support, software bugs elimination, even changes in software structure.

Software development process:

Software development process is neither easy nor simple, but with professionalism and seriousness of both client and developers, can be done fast and efficient.

Here are some basic information about main phases of software development process:

• Firs step is to define a problem. Client is obliged to describe the problem. Amount of the information about the problem varies from case to case, so the collaboration among client and developer is essential.

• This is the only part of the process that you, as a client, have to do anything. Everything else is under our control, and you only have to relax and wait for the software to be completed.

• Software solution proposal has evolved out of previous phase, when (during information gathering process) our developers developed ideas about the look and functionality of future product.

• First draft version is made based on the software solution proposal. This is the most important and most demanding part of the entire process, because this is when the final product is being made. This phase is usually done behind closed doors, although the client can gain insight in it if he desires, and it is an internal affair of our programmers. After the completion of the first version, it is being delivered to the client as an imperfect, so called beta-version of the final product. During the evaluation period, the client can suggest any alterations and improvements in the product that he finds necessary; afterwards he can give the green light to software completion.

• Depending on complexity of the software, several beta versions can be delivered to the client.

• Process ends with completion the final version. After the client is satisfied with presented software solution, the product is being completed: missing options are being added, installation engine, documentation and help files are being added, and the final version is being delivered to the client.

Price of the software development varies and it is matter of mutual agreement between client and developer, but the payment method is always the same: 50% in advance, 50% after completion.

We advise you to consider all the advantages of software development. If you are interested in our services, we can arrange you a meeting with our agent in order to present you with our portfolio and answer any additional questions you might have. Our growing reference list along with many additional information can be found on www.nex.ba.