What is e-mail marketing?

Marketing is not just a word, it is a science. Company presentation via Internet is marketing.

Direct marketing is a promotional activity similar to advertising through flyers, letters, brochures, personal presentation, phone and fax presentation … Direct marketing aims to increase the sale of products/services.

Direct marketing over the Internet stands for a way of communication among company and client via e-mail. It has been found that, because of various reasons, e-mail is much more personal than many of above mentioned ways of promotion. One of the main reasons for this kind of personalization of e-mail marketing is a possibility to respond immediately to any e-mail that you like, simply by clicking “reply”.

E-mail marketing offers you limitless possibilities to inform your potential clients about your products/services and publish information concerning your company’s activities.

Our marketing efficiency analyses have shown that e-mail marketing is among most efficient marketing strategies. It is an effective, rapid and simple way to advertise your company. Send your advert to over 30.000 e-mail addresses, saving time and money.

E-mail marketing can be targeted to different groups: Banks, manufacturing, health industry, building industry, real-estates…

We advise you to consider all the advantages of e-mail marketing. If you are interested in our services, we can arrange you a meeting with our agent in order to present you with our portfolio and answer any additional questions you might have. Our growing reference list along with many additional information can be found on www.nex.ba.