What is a digital business card?

Digital business card evolved from a need for fast and simple informing. It is a form of electronic media with dimensions similar to classic business cards. Digital business card is designed according to your needs, depending on what it`s supposed to promote. Everything you think that your clients need to know about your business can be presented on pocket size digital business card (CD). In addition to general information on your company, digital business card can carry a multimedia animation (video, sound, etc.)

What is in use world-wide for a while, has finally come to You! We recommend you not to miss an opportunity to improve your business with digital business cards.

We suggest you to consider all of the advantages that the digital business cards are providing. If you are interested, there is a possibility to arrange a meeting with our agent, in order to present you some of our successfully completed projects. Our reference list as well as additional information about our company can be found on www.dizajn.ba